Super Baby!

Aidan had a rather interesting new game he likes to play. He will get on the couch and turn around and run right off the edge. We catch him of course and he just laughs and laughs and does it again. He only does it if we are right there to catch him though so thats good. This kid has no fear whatsoever.


Two Year Molars

Poor aidan is teething his two year molars. Any tips or tricks to ease his pain? Lots of finger chewing (often resulting in gagging), ear tugging, and general, crankiness. Motrin helps but only short term. Poor bubs. 😦



I love these boys.



Aidans butt us much better. Thankfully. I absolutely hate to see him miserable. I wish I had something exciting to update but all we’ve done this weekend is sit around and relax! It rains every single afternoon in l florida so thats kept us home bound. I’m not ready to head back to work tomorrow but at, least I have work. Mike is still semi unemployed. He has a job but no work. Go figure! Anyway, I’m just rambling now.

Poor Tush!

Aidan is teething his two year molars and I believe he might of got a bit of a tummy bug from the constant chewing because yesterday he pooped five times! By the end of the day his butt was raw and oozing. He was inconsolable as I tried as gently as I could to clean it and apply some cream. Luckily today it’s back to normal and he doesn’t seem to be pooping every few hours so I hope we dont go through that again!

Wordless Wednesday



We took aidan outside to see a few fireworks before his bedtime last night and I think that really helped to alleviate any fears he might of had about the loud booms. Luckily our neighbors didn’t go all out this year so that was nice! Overall it was a nice night and I hope next  year goes just as well.

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