Aidan is almost 22months

Not quite sure how it happened, but my little lovebug is almost 22 months old already! We are already planning for his party. We are moving on October 1st so he has plenty of time to adjust to the new house.

Hes such a funny little man. His lovies are still his elmo & his pillow. He isn’t anywhere without at least one of the two. He loves Cars, both the movie and literal cars. He loves to help his daddy work on cars. He gets his wrench and bangs it around trying to help.

He eats any and everything still, with a fondness for vegetables, coleslaw, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Hes the light of my life, honestly. Not to get all mushy but he is the best little boy ever (imho!) & our lives are even richer from his smiles.



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