12 weeks

How far along: 12 weeks

How big is baby: size of a plum, 2.1in, .49oz

Total weight gain: still -2lb

Maternity clothes: pants are sounding good, but not necessary yet.

Sleep: pretty good

Best moment this week: ultrasound!

Movement: definitely moving, can’t feel it yet

Food cravings: cheeseburgers

Gender: not sure

Labor signs: none

Belly button: in

What I miss: not bleeding

What I’m looking forward to: ob appt 10/31

Had another big bleed last night. I had an ultrasound yesterday though & baby is okay. Heartbeat was 158. The subchorionic hematoma is 4cm. Its utterly nerve wracking to gush blood  on a regular basis. So ready for this hematoma to either bleed out or resolve itself.



11 weeks

How far along: 11 weeks

How big is baby: size of a lime. 1.6 inches, .25oz

Total weight gain: -1lb

Maternity clothes: not quite

Sleep: sore, but still sleeping well

Best moment this week: finding an ob

Movement: baby is moving, can’t feel it

Food cravings: publix turkey subs

Gender: feeling boy

Labor signs: none

Belly button: in

What I miss: pooping

What I’m looking forward to: ob appt october 31st

Had my first midwife appt last friday. It didnt go well. I honestly didn’t think I’d feel comfortable there. She wasnt sure what a hematoma was, or what all restrictions I should have. That didnt sounds promising to me, so I’ve found an ob I will be seeing. With that, and the gestational diabetes I feel better with an ob. I need someone who knows about the issues I have. They were nice, but not for me.


10 weeks + subchorionic hematoma

This was a scary week. But first, survey:

How far along: 10 weeks

How big is baby: 1.2 inches, .14 ounces

Total weight gain: -3lbs

Maternity clothes: not yet, but my jeans feel uncomfy on my lower belly today.

Sleep: great!

Best moment this week: seeing baby in the er, when I thought for sure I’d lost it.

Movement: baby is wriggling, just can’t feel it yet.

Food cravings: alfredo

Gender: had a dream it was a girl, but I had that with aidan too.

Labor signs: well, bleeding. But more on that in a minute.

Belly button: in

What I miss: not having to pee at 2am

What I’m looking forward to: midwife appointment this friday!

Now for the scary part. this will most likely be slightly graphic.

I wrote up monday (9w4d) feeling like crap. my stomach hurt so bad I compared it to labor pains. I was violently pooping, sweating, shaking, etc. I called in to work & was lounging on the couch. I felt a pop, and a gush of fluids. Of course I freaked out. We moved that weekend so I was very concerned that I caused a miscarriage by moving boxes, furniture, etc.

I was bleeding very heavily. Sitting on the toilet it sounded like I was passing urine, but it was blood gushing out. I rushed to the emergency room. Luckily mikes mom was there to watch aidan. I checked in and they took me right back. They were very prompt, luckily. The PA basically told me I’d lost our baby before he even looked at me. But he did a pelvic exam and my cervix remained closed and there was no tissue present.

Finally after 3 bags of IV fluids I was able to get an ultrasound and we saw the baby happy as can be, heart rate was 160. They diagnosed it as a subchorionic hematoma, but a small one.

I can’t lift, bend, exercise, etc until cleared from my doctor. Im hoping my appointment friday brings good news. Im still bleeding, but only pink when I wipe. Keep us in your thoughts, ill update friday.